The war of Zhili-Anhui was a conflict that happened on Republic of china in 1920, during the period of militia leaders, between army of Zhili and army of Anhui for the control the government of Beiyang.

 Duan Qirui, Commander of the camp of Anhui.


The two armies began to prepare themselves for the war during the protection war of constitution in 1917. Duan Qirui was the leader of the armies of Anhui, he wanted fight against the rebels on the south and, he became minister of outsides, he thought in a military solution: to separate the rebels of the south. His plan was eliminate south enemy leaders and then to unify the territories. The army of Zhili supported the negotiations with hope to attract financial and military support. It was not possible because Duan Qirui did not accept the negotiations.  


Duan had received help from Nishihara (Government of Japan, gave them credits) and they used this credits to buy armament during the first world war. Duan used the armament to occupy Mongolia Outside and put under his control northwest provinces (china).

The army of Zhili was worried seeing the enemies movements because Duan had surrounded his territories.


On 14 July 1920 the Army of Anhui atacked the Army of Zhili, and the forces zhilis draw back. Anhui had ocuped a lot of important towns and milita barracks for example:  Zhuozhou,
Pekín, a militia barrack. This war lasted two days, Anhui won and lost important towns and many barracs, but Zhili too… 19 of july 1920, Duan Qirui recognized he lost and left his position. This same day the president  Xu Shichang ordered to stop the fire.


In only one week Anhui finally lost. In the next days they did an agreement of peace, this agreeement lasted until the first war  Zhili-Fengtian in 1922.